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CodeFacts Trailblazing Approach in IoT Innovation

Dynamically initiate market positioning total linkage with clicks-and-mortar technology procrastinate compelling data for markets.

Revolutionizing Industry Standards

CodeFacts pioneers in the IoT industry by utilizing state-of-the-art applications, harnessing machine learning, sophisticated analytics, and instant data to evolve operations into intelligent, automated processes.


Seamless Integration of Physical and Digital Realms

Our expertise establishing connected ecosystems for enhanced living and industry efficiency. This strategy improves human experiences and Efficiency

Tailored IoT Solutions

CodeFacts designs tailor-made IoT solutions for various sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Our flexible and scalable architectures meet specific industry needs and adapt to future changes



Unlocking Digital Potential

Connectivity, Data Intelligence, and Automation in IoT


Navigating the Digital Future with IoT Expertise

Crafting Connected Experiences

  • IoT Solution Development
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Mobile Application Development
  • System Integration Services
  • Maintenance and Support

Excellence in Development: The Hallmarks of Technological Mastery

Robustness, Scalability, and Security: Building Future-Proof Solutions in IoT

  • Robustness and Reliability

    High-quality development is exemplified by the creation of systems that are robust and reliable over time. This involves thorough testing, resilient code that can handle exceptions, and systems that maintain performance under various conditions. For IoT, this means devices and networks that continue to function optimally in different environments and use cases.

  • Scalability & Flexibility

    As demands and requirements grow, the ability to scale is crucial. Quality development practices ensure that IoT solutions can expand in terms of the number of devices, users, and data throughput without significant rework. Flexibility also means that systems can adapt to new technologies, protocols, and standards as they emerge

  • Security & Privacy

    With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, security is a cornerstone of quality development. IoT devices and applications must be developed with security built-in from the ground up, using the latest encryption methods, secure communication protocols, and ongoing security updates. Privacy controls are also essential to protect sensitive user data from unauthorized access and ensure compliance with data protection regulations

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We Follow Our Work Process

Conveniently mesh cooperative services via magnetic outsourcing. Dynamically grow functionalized value whereas accurate e-commerce.



Identify the problem, set objectives, and conduct feasibility studies.



Develop system architecture, select hardware, design software, and create a prototype.



Build and integrate IoT devices and software, followed by comprehensive testing



Launch the solution, monitor its performance, and provide ongoing updates and support